Wednesday, September 19, 2018

My Happy Place Row Along!

I'm excited to be back again this year doing the My Happy Place Row Along with Marian at Seams to be Sew.

I must admit that my happy place stumped me for awhile.  Someone else had done everything I was thinking of.  I even asked my third graders what their happy places were.  I finally decided on my favorite flower - cone flowers.  I myself have a very black thumb.  I am not a gardener.  However my mother grows cone flowers and I enjoy the ones in our local county parks.  I love to see the monarchs on them.

Northcott is not only sponsoring a giveaway on my blog today, but they provided fabric to the designers for our patterns.  Here are the three fabrics I chose:

39303-84 became the flowers

9025-76 became the stems and leaves

21390-62 became the background

I added a brown for the flower tops and that was it!

I also had a lot of fun quilting my row.  I wanted the background to look like a breeze and added some fun swirls to the leaves.

I quilted the brown tops in bubbles and added a fun ribbon detail in the middle of each petal.

You can download the free pattern HERE.

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My giveaway is from Northcott - some gorgeous Banyan Batiks.  Please be sure to read the rules as shown on the rafflecopter link and can be found here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I hope you get to quilt today!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Snail Inspiration

Wouldn't the snail make a cute quilt?  

And some end of summer flowers...

I hope you get to quilt today!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Island Batik Ambassadors Star Struck Part 1

Quilters love stars.  I've made many, many star quilts over the years, but they always draw me back in and I make another.  For September's Island Batik Ambassador Challenge we were asked to make a star quilt.  

I chose this gorgeous collection of fabrics called All a Flutter.  I knew that I had two 10 inch squares of each fabric and I kept this in mind while designing.

I decided to create a paper pieced block that is an original design.  Below you can see that I am laying out fabrics trying to figure out what I wanted to put where.  One thing I keep in mind while doing this is to make sure there is enough contrast between the different pieces that are next to each other.  I also knew I wanted to include all the colors from the collection - blue, pink, and purple.

For the background I chose a new Island Batik solid called Shadow.  It's a light gray and the colors really pop against it.  I wanted to conserve fabric so I laid out my pieces to best fit and then cut between them.

Here is my block all together.  I LOVE the star and I will more than likely make more of these eventually.  

I also love it when eight points come together so neatly!  Isn't this hexagon print amazing!  It's one my favorites and I keep buying it in more and more colors...I might have a problem.  Not!

Come back next week to see how I quilted this beauty.

I hope you get to quilt today!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Free Motion Friday - Mushroom Border Quilting

Welcome to Free Motion Friday!  Today I'm doing a tutorial to show you how I created the mushroom border on my mini quilt below.

Here's a closeup look at my border.

Imagine that the area where I wrote is the inside of the quilt and the left and top are the border.  Start by making the mushroom stem.  It's a rectangle with slightly curvy corners.  

Then I go back and add the top of my mushroom.

Next, stitch along the edge of the border to where you want to start your next stem.

Then stitch the top of your second mushroom.  I like to make mine look like they overlap some.

Continue adding mushrooms with different shaped tops as you go along.

For the mushroom in the corner I make the stem stick out diagonally from the corner.

Then I continue along the next side and keep going until I get back to where I began.

I hope you get to quilt today!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Welcome to My House Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Welcome to My House Blog Hop!  I'm sew excited that Just Let Me Quilt hosts these fun hops throughout the year.  I have three upcoming hops in the next few months so I decided to make three "house" quilts for them.  Here is the first.

My son Roland LOVES to draw mushrooms.  I'm not sure why (Mario, perhaps?).  Anyways, I decided to make a mushroom house.  As soon as he saw it he insisted that when I was done with it it needed to be on his wall.  I love that he enjoys art as much as I do.


I had a lot of fun quilting this quilt.  I did mushrooms in the border.  Come back Friday for a tutorial on how I did the border! 

The door has a heart in honor of my kiddo.

Little mushrooms and grass quilted on the lines in the batik.  I love it when the fabric "tells" me what to quilt on it.

I knew the house needed a mushroom smokestack on the roof too.  And it just seemed to me like there should be some dormer windows in the mushroom cap.

For quilting the red print I simply stippled around the dots.

Here's the back.  You can see that I quilt pretty densely.  That's what makes it fun for me!

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I hope you get to quilt today!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Futuristic Flower Part 6

Since this quilt background is chambray denim, I knew that I needed a larger than normal thread weight in order to make my stitching visible.  I decided to use a 28 weight Aurifil cotton in the top and a 50 weight Aurifil cotton in the bobbin.  You can definitely see my stitches.  First I outlined around the flowers and vase and added bibles in the small spaces between flowers.

Then I added a feathered swag coming out of the vase and flowing to the bottom of the quilt.

I decided the feathers needed some pizzazz so I added a braid inside some of them, but not all of them because that would be overwhelming and a lot of work.

I then outlined the swag to add definition.

I hope you get to quilt today!